Winter Tips for Saving Electricity and Staying Warm

Happy Holidays from all of us at Exact Electric! As temperatures drop your utility bills may go up. There are lots of free options to save on energy costs while keeping your home warm. And as we often say, safety first. Here are some great tips on how to make the winter season safe and…

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Stay Cool. Save Energy. Save Money.

Save money and energy this summer while keeping cool. Many of our tips are FREE to increase savings and reduce energy consumption. Others are just simple, cost-saving actions when it comes to your air conditioner. Hope you are all keeping cool while enjoying this HOT weather! No air conditioning? Fans and ventilation strategies can help!…

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Save Money/Energy this Fall

It is fall and we want to help you make preparations so that you can continue to save money on electricity and natural gas. Here are some of our energy and cost savings tips to help you get started! Warm up your water heater. Wrapping it in an insulated blanket will reduce heating loss. Another…

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Reasons for hiring a licensed electrician!

The worst-case scenario: Your home burns down and your insurance doesn’t cover it due to unlicensed work. The US Fire Administration recently shared some staggering statics. Over 28,000 electrical fires occur each year causing $1.1 billion in property damage, 310 deaths and 1,100 injuries. They pointed out that many of these fires happen because of…

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Enjoy your outdoor living space with an "outdoor lighting" facelift!

Outdoor lighting - deck

Outdoor lighting This was a fun project! We had the opportunity to collaborate with landscape contractor, Chris White to create an outdoor living space for a Seattle family in the Olympic Manor/Crown Hill neighborhood. It included providing the electrical needs for a hot tub with a retractable/automated cover and outdoor kitchen. The job also required…

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