Barcodes West – SoDo, Seattle – Up to code while saving costs!

Check out how we helped Barcodes West with their electrical needs during their recent move in SODO.

Barcodes West is Seattle-based preferred provider of barcodes, labels, tags, scanners, hardware, and software. They enlisted Exact Electric’s help to ensure they experienced as little down time as possible when moving all of their high-powered, high-tech industrial equipment and making sure the historical building they were moving to could accommodate all of their electrical needs. Just as Barcodes West understands the critical nature of accurate and high quality variable and static printing, we understand how important it is for an organization to be up and running very quickly.

Exact Electric saves $$$ for Barcodes West!

As part of our services, we refurbished the building’s current 800-amp service so it was up to code, added new panels and rebuilt the single-phase service (that we were able to get grandfathered in by Seattle City Light). By working with Seattle City Light and the Department of Development and Planning, we were able to coordinate the whole process, saving Barcodes West money!

By refurbishing the current system (instead of bringing in a new 1000 amp underground system) we were able to ensure they were up to code, had the electricity they require to run their equipment without having to make a huge upfront investment. Moving always uncovers hidden costs, so we were very focused on not making their electrical needs one of them. We also installed all the lighting with occupancy sensors, which help to further reduce cost.

Collaboration and being onsite were key to making this project a success. In addition to working with Barcodes West’s team, we also worked closely with building inspectors and Seattle City Light so that every aspect was covered.