Elysian Fields in Downtown Seattle all lit up for sporting pleasure!

We had the opportunity to contribute to Elysian Fields’ tenant improvement project, with the help of the general contractor and the other hands-on vendors.

The project entailed taking out walls, adding all new lighting fixtures and all new lighting controls, moving the office, making the dish pit larger and changing out and providing electricity to their new equipment.

Exact Electric was tasked with everything electrical related at this awesome downtown Seattle location near Safeco and CenturyLink Fields – installing and connecting light fixtures, installing the new lighting control panel, occupancy lighting, ambient lighting and installing all equipment connections.

At each step, we were consulted on the best way to make the space energy efficient and code compliant. Our team was diligent and flexible when it came to supporting the other contract work being conducted. We wanted to make sure the process ran smoothly and on time.

No one wanted to get in the way of Elysian reopening its doors to sports fans and brewery aficionados.

The Elysian team wanted to upgrade the customer experience and provide new and long-time customers with a new, refreshing experience.

Putting the dimmer lighting system in is a critical tool for reducing energy usage by matching lighting levels with tasks and mood creation.

The occupancy lighting offered several key advantages – convenience, energy efficiency and control.

The setup allows staff the ability to ensure the lights have not been left on while also creating a safe working environment.

Using sensors that detect temperature and motion is a great way to ensure employees are accommodated any time of the day and are especially helpful for rooms that are not often used, such as their walk-in storage room, utility room and office space.

You can also check out our work at Elysian Airport Way Brewery in Georgetown.

Raise a glass to work well done by an outstanding team – the contractor, hands-on vendors, and Exact Electric’s crew!