Extraction, Explosion Proof Wiring at Evergreen Herbal – SoDo, Seattle

Evergreen Herbal in SODO in Seattle had a need – for a long time they wanted to build out an extraction portion of their business.

Exact Electric had the know how – powering up businesses across the Puget Sound region and installing explosion proof wiring methods.

The two businesses came together so each could focus on what they know and do best! For Evergreen Herbal it is creating cannabis activated products and for Exact Electric it is of course EFFICIENT and BEST OF CLASS ELECTRICITY INSTALLATION and SOLUTIONS.

For this project, Exact Electric installed a 200 ramp panel and transformer and wired the extraction room to ensure it was explosion proof.

For the extraction room, the Exact Electric team set up the alarms in their close loop system so if there was a leak, all power to the extraction room would be cut and the team at Evergreen Herbal would be alerted. In addition to the gas detector going off and all power shut off, the fans would automatically go on. This required installing a back up battery system for the alarm and fans. Our team also installed all the lighting, which was vapor proof (gasses can’t enter into it), again making it explosion proof.

The explosion proof aspect always brings the most excitement from people who want to learn more about our work, but this is just as important – keeping electricity flowing and up to code.

We ran all the power to the facility’s equipment and set it up as well. We also tied everything into the control panel so everything functions the way it needs to function, meeting the fire marshal’s inspection. And with every job as we do, we ensure the electrical inspection done by the City of Seattle is also approved.

Our team has had the opportunity to work on several extraction room projects throughout the Puget Sound area, allowing our team to be extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and setup needed. This means we can provide recommendations and insights into best practices when it comes to creating a quality, efficient facility.

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