F45 Gym Ballard & Kirkland Electrical Build Outs

The Exact Electric team just did a full build out of a vacant space to create the F45 Gym in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

This comes on the heels of doing the same for F45 in Kirkland. This has us pumped – pun intended! Just as F45 promises results, Exact Electric provided results.

The full build out of the space included everything from adding in the electrical panes and breakers to all the lighting and outlets.

We also did all the circuitry for the outdoor signage, which included coordinating with the sign company.

The gym hosts a sound system and HDTVs, which we wired.

This was an important component for visibility, sound quality, and aesthetics, but most importantly our job was to ensure the safety of gym members when it comes to electricity. This required strategic placement of outlets and cords and safety checks to ensure everything was functioning property.

We helped coordinate their lighting packages to ensure a similar theme was carried out through all their locations.

We also put all the lights on a time clock so they could program their lighting and we installed occupancy sensors. Lighting needed to provide a clear line of sight for gym members without being intrusive. We installed all lighting in the locker rooms and bathrooms as well as proper outlets so they would automatically trip without blowing a breaker. This was essential as in both places water is present.

We also wired their water heater and rooftop HVAC. As with all the jobs we do, we handled all the permitting with the city to ensure they were able to open on time.

If you are looking for innovation, motivation and results F45 is the place to go! And if you are looking reliability, quality, and exactness, call us!