Lighting Retrofit at the Marriott in Downtown Seattle

We recently completed two lighting retrofit projects for the Marriott.

They first hired us for their downtown Seattle location and liked our work so much they hired us again for the South Lake Union location.

They represent their brand as providing an unparalleled guest experience, which is much like how we treat our customers. We are focused on making our services as seamless and accommodating as possible and these lighting retrofit projects were a perfect fit for our team to shine.

In addition to ensuring each hotel location received the fixture replacements needed to conserve energy, it was paramount that the guests were not inconvenienced. We replaced all the fixtures throughout the hallways, lobby, event rooms, and some of the guest rooms. This required providing temp lighting so that guests were safe and felt comfortable (like nothing was amiss) throughout the completion of the project.

An out-of-state contractor called on us to execute the project and we worked onsite with the hotel engineer and manager to make it happen.

The contractor flew out to walk our team through the standards that needed to be met and the overall goal, which was energy savings. By changing out all the existing fixtures to accommodate LED lighting, we helped each hotel save energy and money – an investment that would pay off quickly due to the hotels’ lighting requirements and energy consumption.

Each lighting retrofit project requires lots of coordination and logistics, and hotels add another layer of complexity.

We managed all the materials, scheduling with other providers, and coordination with the city for the final inspection. It was a project we enjoyed working on as it was large, complex, and in the end provided The Marriott with the ability to achieve more sustainable properties. If you have the opportunity to stay at one of these hotels, look up and enjoy our handy work.