Lighting up the Town at Sherwin Williams – Lake City, Poulsbo and Interbay

Exact Electric was given the opportunity to help Sherwin Williams with their lighting and electrical needs at several of their Puget Sound locations – Lake City, Poulsbo and Interbay.

While each job had its own unique lighting, power and energy efficiency requirements, the objectives were the same. Adhering to code regulations, coordinating with other contractors both on and off the job site, and ensuring the customer was happy with the outcome were paramount to the work we did for Sherwin Williams.

In Lake City and Poulsbo we installed all their electrical needs from the ground up, meaning from the foundation, floors, walls and roof. We brought power to the buildings underground through a utility vault, installed interior and exterior lighting, ran power to the monument sign on the street, and installed power outlets to accommodate their HVAC units (on the interior and on the roof).

We were originally asked to spec out a fluorescent lighting system but instead came up with an LED solution that was less costly and more energy efficient. We met their tight opening timeline by working with the utility company to ensure the building was energized and coordinated with others on the project to make it happen.

In Poulsbo, since the building was new, we also helped to create the shell for the Starbuck’s next door. This included wiring the conduits on the slab in the floor so that their electrical needs were met while creating a clean, sharp interior from the customer’s point of view. Also in Poulsbo, we installed the parking lot electrical system for both businesses.

The Interbay project was unique in that it was a remodel of a two-story building that not only required an update of their interior and exterior lighting, it also required an elevator to transport the paint upstairs.