Lighting up Living Spaces in the Heart of Downtown Seattle

Atwood Apartments in Downtown Seattle, 104 Pine Street, Seattle, WA, 55 residential units

Imagine living in the heart of the city and being the electrician selected to be in on the action of renovating a multi-family apartment complex. The Exact Electric team was honored to be chosen to be a part of this project, as managing electrical projects like this is exciting!

Our team converted studios into bedrooms and installed 55 washer and dryers.

We also installed electrical heaters instead of Seattle steam (pressured water through generator and radiator heaters), saving money and increasing electrical efficiencies. We installed kitchen track lighting and recessed lighting in all of the 55 units and exterior lighting for the building. These upgrades required us taking into account the whole electrical load of the building and determining the maximum electricity that could be pushed through the circuits.

To do the electrical load calculation to determine the amount of electricity we could push through the circuits, we calculated the load for the entire building and figured out how much was leftover. We then utilized what was leftover, so we could maximize the load, resulting in a great cost savings.

By not putting in conventional dryers with 240v, and instead 120v LG space savers, we were able to put in twice as many because they use less power.

This approach gave tenants the convenience of having a washer and driver in their unit, and also saved the owner of the building money. The work required us to upgrade everything but the main switchgear. Power was already coming from the street, which also saved the owner money, permitting, City light fees, and right away permitting.

It was a great project and quite frankly, made our team shine!