Kati Vegan: Powering up South Lake Union

Kati Vegan’s motto is Modern Flavors. Traditional Methods.

They hired Exact Electric to help carry out this message in their new restaurant in South Lake Union.

We installed modern lighting and appliances, using tried and true methods, and superb customer service that we are known for throughout the greater Seattle area.

We got to work with one of our favorite contractors, Metis Construction, to carry out the restaurant’s mission. To put it simply, Metes Construction does really good work. We love when they call us to help on a project, because just like us they are meticulous in ensuring a job is not just good, but that it is outstanding.

We helped them with the build out of this tenant improvement project. We installed all the fixtures and carried out the wishes of the Metes team and the designer they worked with. We powered the lights to shine on the non-lighted sign making for a welcoming walk up to the restaurant.

Essentially, the softness and freshness of the design says come here to enjoy something intriguing and spectacular – the vegan dishes they so carefully prepare and the light and airy ambiance they created.

And speaking of food, we helped make it happen in a behind the scenes way.

We installed all the equipment for the kitchen, hooked up the hood of the fan with an exhaust fan.

It is a type one hood, which includes a fire suppression system for safety. In the event of a fire, everything under the hood is shut off except for the fan.

We installed occupancy sensors for the walk-in coolers and restrooms. We installed and powered up the dishwasher, ice machine, and all of the equipment needed to cook up the magic they provide to their customers.

Officially now open! Enjoy!