Residential Electrical Seattle: Replaced electrical panel & complete rewire

Job Type: Residential Electrical

Location: Seattle

Description of work:

  1. Replaced electrical panel.
  2. Completed a complete rewire for a 1,200 sf home.

Client Review:

I had just bought a new house and wanted the electrical work completed before I refinished my floors and moved in; therefore, I needed a contractor to start work ASAP. I was very impressed with Zach when he came to inspect the work for bid because of the time he took to look over the house and answer my questions. Knowing that I was on a short timeline, Zach was willing to juggle his schedule in order to start on my house the next week and were substantially complete in 9 days. They were courteous and great to work with, considerate in scheduling their work hours, minimizing holes in the walls, and making sure they never left a mess. They also made some changes to the wiring and adding a few more switches where I requested. I had a minor issue with my vacuum cleaner tripping off the circuits, and Zach returned to troubleshoot that and determined the issue was likely due to sparking in the vacuum cleaner when it turned on. Great job, great contractor.