Saving Apartment Owner’s Money on Capitol Hill

WINSTON on Capitol Hill, 1019 E Pike St, Seattle, WA – 23 residential units + commercial retail

Exact Electric had the awesome opportunity to work with Cadence Real Estate on an existing apartment complex on Capitol Hill. It is a great location and the owner wanted to create three new units. So, we installed and wired each unit with the goal of creating electrical efficiencies and cost savings.

We first started by inspecting the existing electrical service, did our calculations, and determined it was more prudent not to install all new wiring.

This approach meant that our focus was on the electrical enhancements and wiring that were needed to create comfortable living spaces that would accommodate tenants’ electronic devices and appliances. By using the building’s current electrical capacity, we were able to save the owner money and time.

Our team met with the owner and coordinated with their team’s efforts as they did the build out. Installation requires exact scheduling, so our team made sure we were there, on time, to support their build-out efforts, while not being in the way. Exact is the word that describes us best and is what we do!  In addition to doing the wiring that was needed, we also handled the permitting process with Seattle City Light.

We came up with the best electrical solution and executed it so now they are ready for rent.

Give them a call! It is a great location!

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