Smile! Dental Office Electrical Build-outs

We recently did two electrical build-outs for dental offices in existing buildings.

Dr. Rafe is located in Bellevue and Dr. Cherberg is in Issaquah. Regardless of the location and intricacies of any buildout, dental office or not, exactness and quality are our focus. A special call out to Metropolitan Contractors who brought us on board for Dr. Rafe’s office. They are well organized and do really good work.

For these projects we wired all the equipment and added outlets and power to the dentist chairs.

We also powered the x-ray machines. We installed new lighting for the entire space – office, reception area, equipment prep rooms, and patient care areas.

Our team is very knowledgeable and familiar with medical grade wiring methods and codes.

For safety, electrical codes require redundant grounding.

This is key to ensuring patients and the dental staff are protected from electrical shock. And that the sensitive equipment is not damaged. Essentially, redundant grounding means that if you lose your ground, you are still grounded.

Safety is the cornerstone of our practices at Exact Electric, so we greatly enjoy doing these types of projects.

Lighting is a key component to ensuring dental staff can do their job, and that patients receive the quality care they are seeking.

All lighting that was installed took into account the technical aspect of ensuring the staff could do their job effectively as well as energy efficiency. We also wired the x-ray machine, which required installing the switch for the x-ray to be outside of the room.

Pictures coming soon!

Doing these types of projects makes us smile! Let us know if you have a medical or dental office that requires electrical work that is precisely executed. We’d love to help!