SpringHill Suites Downtown Seattle

We teamed up with Southern Hospitality Services to remodel and expand SpringHill Suites’ administration offices, business rooms, restaurant, lobby, and fitness area.

Southern Hospitality chose to work with Exact Electric to further its mission of creating quality accommodations combined with the finest customer service experience. When it comes to quality and customer service, our team is all in!

Our team added a new panel and transformer to power the new office area. We also designed and installed the lighting control system and the control receptacles.

This technology makes it so the lighting automatically shuts off when someone is not occupying the room. We also helped carry out the safety requirements of the build out, teaming up with Simplex to run the cabling to the fire alarm.

We installed lighting to the retrofitted lobby and to the restaurant, which included all LED fixtures.

The remodeling of the bar included us adding USB receptacles on partitions. The LED tape lighting we installed shines on the face of the cabinets behind the piece of glass for ambiance. We also changed out the pendant light fixtures behind the bar.

An interesting aspect of the job that we were tasked with was finding the solution for the installation of floor outlets.

Upon surveying / x-raying the floor, we discovered there was not a safe place to install floor outlets. Our team came up with the solution of utilizing flat cable, which fits under the carpet. We worked with the general contractors to execute this solution.

As with every job, we met with the city inspectors and made sure every aspect of job was up to the electrical code required.

We also helped coordinate the energy rebate on behalf of SpringHill Suites so that they could see a return on their investment.

This has been a great job to work on for the last couple of months and we are so excited to see it come to life!