Tacoma Apartment Rewire – Red Maple Apartments

While we do a lot of electrical work in Seattle, we often branch out to the greater Seattle area from Tacoma to Everett.

One of our latest electrical projects was the Red Maple Apartments in Tacoma, so we put a talented team in place who ensured the success of the job.

Address: 1122 N 6th St, Tacoma, WA 98403

For this project, we had the opportunity to work with Manta Holdings, a contractor we enjoy working with. Through Manta Holdings, the owner of Red Maple Apartments in Tacoma contracted us to rewire the entire building.

The Exact Electric team put together electrical plans, load calculations, electrical floor plans, electrical elevation plans, and site plans at the onset of the project.

Working with all parties involved from the very start, made it a super smooth and efficient. The original wiring was outdated (knob and tube). This required taking out several walls and opening them up. Manta Holdings took all the old lathe and plaster off so we could get to the wires inside. The combined knowledge and skill set of our team and the contractor led to a well-organized, scheduled, and executed project.

We also added lighting to the corridors, laundry room, and in every unit.

Overall the building was outdated, so it was important that the electrical standards were upgraded to be compliant and also offer current and potential tenants a setting that was in line with surrounding properties.

This electrical project included bringing power to three units that were added downstairs where the basement was.

This addition and rewiring added value to the property, as the building was also remodeled, maximizing the owner’s investment. Adding in a new service for the utilities in the building made it so each unit could be separately metered, making each tenant responsible for their own energy usage.

Scheduling was paramount to ensuring the comfort of the tenants.

We arranged our working hours to be respectful and that power was shut down at the right times. The owner was responsible for moving tenants to different units, while we did the work, and then moving them back. Coordination and communication were key to making this a smooth process for all involved.

For electrical permitting, we worked with Tacoma Power.

They are great to work with and made it so the walkthrough was thorough. Our team did the work to ensure the upgrade was in compliance and met the electrical standards needed. It is now updated for current tenants and move-in ready for potential tenants.