The Sher Partners: Wiring Brewery with Solar Panels

The Sher Office was a fantastic project to be a part of for many reasons; We got to partner with one of our favorite construction companies, Metis; we were included in an evolving project in which the owner’s sustainable vision took careful thought and consideration to carry out; we were integrated into the project from the start, sharing our ideas and solutions that were then included to make the project a success.

The Sher Partners purchased three buildings within one block. Our team helped with several aspects, including wiring the brewery in one of the buildings with solar panels on the exterior awnings. This was just one aspect of the project that was unique.

It was a complex, series of projects with challenges that our team overcame by being knowledgeable about how to make modern equipment work in older buildings. Specifically, we had to work within the confines of a small panel and figure out which electrical panels went to what. We worked to ensure the panels could handle the added load and tested everything at every step in the process.

The top floor of the building was the last piece of the puzzle as this was where the partners wanted to move their headquarters. The office needed to be modern and offer a high level of design, which meant the lighting details mattered immensely.

In addition to the lighting we ran the wiring to the fire alarm, which is always included in our services. We have found working directly with the fire alarm company makes it easier for our clients. We also implemented energy code controls including motion sensors and occupancy sensors throughout the building (lighting and heat sources). Daylight sensors were also installed by our team so that the lights dimmed proportionally to the lights coming into the windows. This saved energy. We also wired the electronic surveillance system for the front door so they could buzz in visitors from the second floor. Lighting was added to the remodeled bathrooms as well as the kitchen, which included a lot of moving parts and circuits.

While we have a lot of experience transitioning older buildings into accommodating modern electrical needs, this project was especially important to us. The building is part of an effort to revitalize the area along the Burke Gilman Trail. Providing offices, a restaurant, and a barber shop refreshes the location and provides an opportunity for people to bike to work and activities. Taking this approach to development saves energy in many ways, which makes the Exact Electric team especially pleased.

“This was a complex project that required innovative, carefully-executed solutions. Exact Electric was always quick to share good ideas on how to tackle each aspect. The lighting was the icing on the cake for the office project as it was implemented perfectly. The brewery also required a big effort. The successful outcome was the culmination of a lot of hard work and collaboration. We appreciated partnering with the Exact Electric team because of their attention to detail, emphasis on communicating effectively, and providing quality service.”  – Metis Construction