Lighting Maintenance

Why do you need lighting maintenance?

Lighting systems are more complex now that buildings have become ‘smart’ – color-changing systems, DMX controls, and video screens.

Facility managers are now responsible for maintaining multifaceted building systems, while also overseeing cost and safety. That’s why we are often called in to help. As lighting and electrical experts, we serve as a valuable partner to building management.

Exact Electric provides annual inspections of switch gear and electrical equipment to:

  • Identify and reduce potential fire hazards
  • Ensure you have the right lighting for the space
  • Maximize cost and energy saving benefits

Fire Safety

The health and safety of your employees and tenants is first and foremost for your lighting maintenance plan. Fire hazards that we look for are corroded cables, loose connections, overloaded or loose breakers, and lint and dust buildup.

Energy Savings and Lighting Controls

Energy savings and lighting controls are another result of a well-planned and -implemented lighting maintenance program. The energy savings for fluorescent lamps is approximately 1:1. For example, if a fluorescent lighting system is dimmed by 50 percent, you’ll achieve approximately 50-percent savings. Lighting control systems provide many opportunities for energy savings as long as you maintain them.

How to get started

Call a licensed electrician that is a lighting expert. You will want to make sure they are reputable when it comes to conducting lighting maintenance, installing and maintaining lighting control systems, and providing lighting retrofits.

  • Define your priorities. A knowledgeable electrician and lighting expert will help you define, from the first meeting, what you are trying to achieve so you can maximize the result of your lighting maintenance program. Often property owners find that implementing changes now will affect future capital and operating costs, or the perceived value and marketability of the property.
  • Address older fixtures first. Priorities may need to take into account older lighting installation. We recommend inspecting older lighting fixtures to determine how they have been installed and whether they are efficient and effective for the building’s needs.
  • Ask your electrician about energy savings rebates. Rebates and incentives can help justify and offset new-equipment cost. A reputable electrician can give you the information you need so you have a liaison between you, the consumer, and the energy company.

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We install, repair, maintain and inspect street, parking lot lighting, and more. We offer complete interior lighting audits and develop turnkey solutions to retrofit entire lighting systems.

Visit our blog for more information and ways to guard yourself against the top common electrical hazards. Light and power – it’s a beautiful thing, when done right and maintained.