Power Distribution

Exact Electric is fully licensed and bonded company that can manage your power distribution needs.

Whether your service is delivered with overhead wires or underground networks, we can assess the voltage your business requires and connect your commercial system to the power grid, ensuring that you have a safe and reliable operation.

We provide a complete turnkey solution for your power distribution needs.

From layout and design of the electrical service, installation and termination of motor control centers, installation of branch piping and wiring, to final hook up and testing of equipment.

We are here to help fix problems with your business and commercial power distribution.

Problems with any part of your electrical system, it can have a huge and direct impact on you being able to run your business. Many business owners, in order to keep the business moving forward, will attempt to replace parts in the electrical system on their own. This can be extremely unsafe in certain circumstances. 

We want to make sure that you and your employees are kept safe and that your business can function normally. By having one of our electricians repair your system now, you can potentially avoid high repair costs and possibly lost business income.

Call Exact Electric at (206) 434-6915 or complete our contact form to help you with your power distribution needs.

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