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Ground Up / Brand New Buildings Services

We partner with construction companies in the greater Seattle area to construct new buildings from the ground up. Getting brand-new buildings powered up so the owner can sell units and welcome the public into their retail spaces is our expertise.

To help the owner and contractor accomplish their vision, we:

  • Install everything electrical and ensure it is up to code
  • Determine if the power should be brought in from the street or overhead and then make it happen
  • Help with the overall electrical design if needed
  • Work closely with the other trades and contractors to coordinate schedules and services
  • Apply for and secure the right permits
  • Coordinate with the authority having jurisdiction to conduct the inspection
  • Meet with the power company’s engineer and representative

We understand the new building code requirements and process. We’ve managed the process of getting a new building up and running many, many times.

We are used to working with the utility company, the city, the city’s engineers – the code required, the questions they are going to ask and what we need to provide.

Timing with new construction is key. There are many moving parts – electricity is just one component. So, if one trade contractor does not show up it can delay the project not only by days but by months. We understand that schedules change, especially when there are so many moving parts and so many people to coordinate, so we remain flexible and have a ‘yes’ philosophy – we will do everything in our power to be available and do a quality job in the timing needed.

Integrity and quality is important to us. Every project is different but there are some things that don’t change when it comes to our approach. First and foremost, we want to work with long-term partners who also value quality work and collaboration. We greatly appreciate the contractors we have had the opportunity to work with over the years that have reliably provided excellent work and have showed great integrity.

Planning on building from the ground up? We can help. Here’s an overview of how we work:

  1. Walk through the project to understand the scope of the project. It is important to clarify the scope with the contractor upfront so we don’t under build or over build and instead give them exactly what they want.
  2. Meet with the construction company lead to ask questions so that we are clear on what needs to be accomplished. Always taking time to understand the end result desired. Sometimes they want the minimum code request, such as the case with most retail spaces.
  3. Ask if an electrical plan has been created. If it hasn’t been created, we help with the design build. Either way we ensure that we create the foundation from the onset so that the end result is exactly what is needed to power up the building.
  4. Put together a detailed bid outlining what the customer is asking, what our services will entail and include what we know about the timing of a project. A detailed bid reduces the need for change orders later in the project and ensures the timeline is more efficient. We are flexible about providing bids and services at different stages of the project, based on the contractor’s direction.
  5. Assign the right team and coordinate the schedule to complete the project. We know other trades are dependent on us getting the work done so, our priority is always to get the work done on time. Our team knows every contribution to creating a new building is important so we make sure we have the right person with the right skill set at the ready to get the job done at the time scheduled.
  6. Be available and of service throughout the project and afterwards. From start to finish we are available to answer questions, provide recommendations on how to do something correctly and efficiently, and be of service for additions to the project scope. We don’t just do a job and walk away. We are in it for the long term when we work with any team and on any project.

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