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Jensen Marina

Exact Electric integrated advanced building systems and lighting to realize the architect's vision. Our team designed and installed innovative lighting controls and discreet fixtures within the tongue-and-groove ceiling, ensuring easy future access through a clever channel system.

    • Commercial

Location: University District

Our work included a sophisticated cross-scope element integration within the building, featuring high-end lighting solutions tailored to carry out the architect’s vision. Our team took the initiative to design and assist in the lighting setup, innovating beyond the initial ideas to enhance the office space’s ambiance. This included installing enhanced lighting controls and small fixtures within a tongue-and-groove ceiling, meticulously planned to allow for easy future access and maintenance through a creatively designed channel system.

Photography by: Carlton Canary

Electrical Scope

Our task was to transform the third floor of historical Jensen Marina into a modern office space, with a mindful approach to coexist harmoniously with the residential apartments below.


Reutilized customers’ existing electrical drops to save the customer time and money.


A truly unique challenge was the necessity to work from a rowboat for installations underneath the marina, showcasing our team’s adaptability and commitment to overcoming obstacles in any environment.

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