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Nordstrom Rack

The Exact Electric team completely renovated the building’s electrical system, from new exterior lighting to removing old circuits. They adapted their work to fit the customer’s needs, including electrical placements for new HVAC units, to create a functional and stylish end result.

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Location: Olympia, Washington

The Exact Electric team undertook a comprehensive renovation of the building’s electrical system, ensuring a safe and up-to-date infrastructure. This included installing brand new exterior lighting to enhance curb appeal and improve nighttime safety. They meticulously removed all outdated electrical circuits, eliminating potential fire hazards and inefficiencies. Demonstrating exceptional flexibility, Exact Electric seamlessly adapted their work plan to accommodate the client’s specific requirements. This included precise electrical placements for the new HVAC units, guaranteeing optimal performance and energy efficiency. Through this meticulous approach, Exact Electric delivered a final product that is both functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Electrical Scope

The Exact Electric team revamped the electrical system, installing new lighting and removing outdated circuits. Our adaptability ensured seamless integration of all changes, including HVAC unit placement, for a functional and cohesive final design.


A significant achievement of the project was meeting all the deadlines, highlighted by the team quickly and efficiently bringing in four-inch conduit from the main electrical room through neighboring businesses to the tenant space.


The project encountered challenges, particularly with the existing electrical system. The team had to decipher the work done by previous technicians and adapt it to the current plans.

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