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Make those switches shine with this easy DIY project 


Summer is a great time of year to do some DIY projects that can enhance the look or the functionality of your home. 


The one we’re going to focus on today isn’t difficult at all: It will cost you a little bit of time and money, but could vastly improve the appearance of your interiors. And it’s at least somewhat related to electrical work, which is why we’re including it here. 


Switch and outlet covers 

Take a look around your home. Maybe there’s nice millwork, some interesting art on the walls, attractive window treatments. Now take a look at your light switches and power outlets. Are they covered with the same plain plastic plates you had in your first apartment?  


They don’t have to be. And replacing them is a fairly inexpensive way to give your home a more refined vibe or some additional personality. There are options from white beadboard to crazy colors, and everything in between. Want a modern metallic look? Ornate and stately? Completely different styles for different rooms? Cartoon characters or superheroes for the kids? 


You can do anything you want, and the cost can be as low as a few dollars apiece. Of course, you can spend much more than that if you like, too. But depending on how many plates you need, and the style you choose, you could create a great new feel for your home—for much less than you think.   


You’ll want to make sure that your preferred style is available for all of the different plates you need—think cable connections, light-switch-plus-outlet combinations, etc. There also are blank plates if you have things such as phone jacks you don’t use and simply want to cover up.  


And don’t forget tucked-away outlets that might be hidden behind furniture, etc. You probably have a few more than you think! It’s also good to buy a couple of extras for your most common plates, so if one gets dinged up you have a replacement handy.  


This seems like a small thing, and it really is. But you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. 


Have a more complicated job? 

While this project is perfect for DIYers, other projects aren’t—and that’s where we come in. If your project needs some help from a professional electrician, or you aren’t quite sure, fill out our webform heregive us a call at (206) 434-6915 or email 

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