Get a Seattle City Light Rebate with an Electric Upgrade

Seattle businesses can benefit from monetary rebates when they chose to upgrade to energy-efficient commercial lighting.

The fact is, spending money on updating to a more energy-efficient lighting will cost less in the long run. Not only does upgrading save companies’ money, it also is a step forward in going green and fighting climate change. Getting rebates from the expenses, which may be costly, is a bonus to this smart business move.

The following companies partake in going green in Seattle:

Seattle City Light is promoting energy efficient solutions to organizations by offering incentive amounts.

A contract must be signed before your business purchases equipment, and all incentives need to be approved before installation. After approval and instillation, up to 70% of instillation expenses may be reimbursed. Seattle City Light will provide funds for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, data and IT equipment and much more listed here.

Puget Sound Energy will give commercial businesses instant rebates who want energy-efficient lighting.

Commercial lighting products must meet Puget Sound Energy’s eligibility requirements, and customers will receive a discount at the time of purchase. Vendors who participate in this program know which products qualify for rebates, so the purchases are virtually hassle free.

Exact Electric specializes in industrial contracting and will help with upgrading electrical for older buildings.

Exact Electric works with other electric companies in the Seattle area that also take part in the rebate program. After approval, commercial customers can get upgrades of wiring, lighting, and equipment hookups.

Switching to energy efficient products for your business is a great way to cut back on energy costs:

  • Simply switching from compact florescent to LED can cut wattage usage roughly in half. Not only does switching save wattage, which in turn saves money, and increases the lifetime from approximately 10,000 hours to 15,000-50,000 hours.
  • Replacing standard double paned windows with ENERGYSTAR certified windows reduces heat entering and escaping, so your business will benefit year-round. These insulated windows can reduce electricity costs to heat and cool your business. Check out ENERGYSTAR for a graphic of efficient vs. non-efficient energy spending.
  • Upgrading to an energy efficient refrigerator is easy, because today, over 80 percent of refrigerators on the market are ENERGYSTAR stamped and approved. Switching to efficient refrigeration will decrease your business’ carbon footprint as well as energy costs, because it is one of the few appliances that runs 24 hours and 7 days a week.

No mater which product you consider upgrading for your business, one thing is clear: switching to more energy-efficient products will give your business—and the environment—a brighter tomorrow.

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