Electrical Inspections: Well Worth the Cost

Routine electrical inspections can save you money, and ultimately your life.

Electrical issues alone can cause a whole slew of issues and safety concerns. Getting electrical inspections every 10 years will keep your family safe and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. In addition, an electrical inspection gives you the opportunity to find the right electrician for you and your electrical needs.

Licensed electricians all over the country follow a set of standardized guidelines put out by the National Electrical code when conducting electrical inspections. This ensures that your home and electrical systems meet all local and federal electrical codes. It is recommended that you get an electrical inspection prior to buying a home or installing a new appliance. Also, electrical inspections are a must before and after any large scale renovation project.

What are the benefits of electrical inspections?

Electrical inspections allow licensed electricians to correct any errors that were made in the original wiring of your home. Moreover, inspections are a key way to find areas that need updated to improve energy efficiency. Having an electrical inspections regularly allows electricians to find any electrical wiring that needs fixed due to normal wear and tear. An electrical inspection will prevent overloading your circuit as well.

There is another added benefit to electrical inspections when it comes to home insurance coverage. Having your home’s electrical system routinely inspected is a necessity when it comes to coverage of certain claims. Any damage to your home, fire or natural disaster, will require you to file a claim with your provider. It is likely that your insurance provider will require you to provide proof of past inspections before they cover your claims.

What does an electrical inspection entail? How much does an electrical inspection cost?

During an electrical inspection, an electrician will examine 5 main areas throughout your home. You can think of these areas as an electrical checklist: electric meter, electrical wiring, circuit breaker, GCFI outlets, and electrical outlets. This entire process shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. At the end of your inspection, you will receive the results from your electrician. This written feedback will show you areas that need to be fixed, upgraded, or improved. Additionally, special attention will be given to areas that are immediate safety hazards.

As with an electrical project, the cost of an electrical inspection will vary some. The cost is dependent on the age and size of your home. Your will also need to account for the hourly rate your electrician charges. Generally, home inspections cost between $200 and $400. A small price to pay for piece of mind and energy efficiency.

Electrical inspections require that you find and hire an electrician you trust. If you live Seattle, Washington, contact Exact Electric for your next home inspection! There electricians are qualified, reputable, and up to date on the latest energy efficiency trends.

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