LED Light Flicker: Causes and Solutions

Although LED bulbs are more energy efficient, they still come with their fair share of issues. One common issue is the LED light flicker.

While flickering may not sound like a big deal, over time it can become both an annoyance and a safety hazard. These flickers can pose a safety risk for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. This risk is magnified even more for those who are unaware of their epileptic condition. When it comes to an LED light flicker, there are two types of flickers. Visible flickers are noticeable by the naked eye, and can become nuisances rather quickly. However, invisible flickers are the more dangerous of the two.

Invisible flickers cause more issues, mainly because people aren’t aware that LED light flickering is negatively impacting their health. You may attribute the symptoms of flickering to other common ailments like the flu. Be wary, symptoms ranging from headaches, dizziness, and even impaired thinking are all a result of a simple light flickering. If exposure to flickering is prolonged, these side effects with only intensify. So, the best thing you can do is get to the root cause of your LED light flicker

So, what causes an LED light flicker and how can it be fixed?

Flickering in general occurs as a result of modern day electricity being powered by an alternating current. An alternating current leads to leads to rising and falling waves of electricity. It is these waves that cause flickering and sometimes make bulbs produce a humming sound. The causes behind LED light flickers specifically will vary from situation to situation. One of the most common causes is LED bulb incompatibility with your dimming system. The majority of homes still run on old , outdated dimming systems. So, when upgrading to LED bulbs, it is best to update your dimming system as well.

Dimming systems are not the only culprit behind LED light flickers. Loose or faulty wiring within the circuit of your fan or lamp could also be to blame. These circumstances may necessitate tightening your LED bulb or cleaning the connection point. Additionally, you may need to tighten or replace worn wiring. Surge wattage is another common cause of an LED light flicker. A surge wattage is a result of extra electrical power being needed to start up large appliances. It is recommended that power these appliances on their own high voltage circuits. Finally, the simplest way to end LED light flickering is to use a constant current LED driver.

If you have any issues or questions regarding LED lighting, contact Exact Electric today! They can answer all your questions, and quickly get to the root of any electrical problem you have.

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