New home—or just want it to feel that way?


New home—or just want it to feel that way? Try new lighting! 

There are plenty of things homeowners can do to create new looks and make a space feel new—rearranging the furniture is a classic strategy, for example. But something as simple as changing up your lighting can have a big impact, too. 


While some lighting changes require the help of a qualified electrician, many are so easy and inexpensive that anyone can do them. And that means you can easily undo them as well, which is great, because it allows you to experiment. 


This article in the New York Times is full of great tips for rooms throughout your home (especially the bathrooms, which are notorious for having bad or unflattering lighting). We’ll explore some additional ones below. Then, choose whatever sounds good to you and try something new! 


Change your bulbs 

One of the simplest ways to achieve a new look is switching out light bulbs to go brighter or darker for ambiance, or to change the “temperature” of a room. That means you have to pay attention not only to the brightness, but also the warmth—or the Kelvin measurement. The higher that number, the more it mimics daylight. But go too high and you could give your room an industrial feel. (Not industrial chic, either; more like factory lighting.) We recommend LEDs when possible, their lower energy use doesn’t just save money, it also give you the ability to do things like use a 150-watt equivalent bulb in a 100-watt lamp. 


Be liberal with lamps 

Speaking of lamps, you can put them almost anywhere, which means you can put layers of light almost anywhere. Bookshelves, side tables, nightstands, desks—even if there is overhead lighting in a room, it won’t always illuminate every spot. A lamp can be a nice functional touch. (And as a bonus, they serve as décor, too.) 


Try small steps 

The advent of LEDs also has created a variety of lighting solutions that would have been impractical or even impossible years ago. Battery-operated flexible light strips for under cabinets or other spots. Night lights that can change colors and brightness. Puck-style lights for closets and pantries. The best part? Many of these are amazingly affordable. 


Go big 

Of course, you can go for the total transformation. New fixtures might be a starting point, or maybe you want a whole-home smart-lighting system you can control from anywhere. The possibilities here truly are endless, and you’ll get the best results with professional help. That includes the right electrician, of course. Ready to give your home a completely new feel? We’re ready, too. Contact us today! 

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