Seattle Chocolates – Commercial Project Highlight

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

Okay, some of our readers may choose something else decadent for their dessert but when it comes to lighting – who doesn’t like good lighting? Energy efficient lighting? Cost saving lighting? Ambiance? These are all the reasons that Seattle Chocolates asked Exact Electric to help remodel their ‘House of Chocolate”.

Located in Tukwila, just a few miles south of Seattle, Seattle Chocolates has a mecca of chocolate to share with you. You can purchase chocolate and you can tour their chocolate making factory. Sounds too good to be true, right?

We had the awesome opportunity to redo their retail area and the touring ‘cat walk’ so that their customers can see the chocolate makers in action. As in every successful project, there was a vision and we had the pleasure of helping them carry it out. They wanted to provide a beautiful display of the chocolate making process and give their customers a taste of the Seattle Chocolates brand – All while keeping up with the energy codes of Washington State and saving on the cost of energy. We were able to help them with both of these goals.

One of the reasons they hired us was to adhere to Washington State’s energy codes. So during the remodel we added a main panel and transformer as well a dimming and occupancy system. This made sure they aren’t using lighting and spending money where they don’t have to and that no one is responsible for turning off the light at the end of the day – it is all done automatically. It is essentially an elaborate time clock that provides vacancy sensors and great energy efficient lighting. It also automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.

The remodel includes DMX controlled LED lights, which allows the store to change the coloring of their lighting – inside and outside. Whether it is for a special holiday or to highlight a new marketing program, they are able to create a different look quickly. Installing LED lights also saves energy and decreases cost.

We worked with a great team at TriSquare Construction. We were able to collaborate with them while they collaborated with the designer. The result was we were able to find the fixtures they wanted but at a lower cost than they expected. It was definitely a team effort.

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