T12 LED Replacement: What’s Your Best Option?

Due to pushes in recent decades for better energy efficiency, you will likely need to look into T12 LED replacement.

In this article we explain what a T12 is and what the best replacement option is for you and your individual lighting needs. T12s manufacturing was brought to a halt i 2012, and there are currently few incentive programs out there that promote T12 LED replacement. So, what exactly is a T12 and how do you go about replacing it?

T12s are simply the lighting tubes inside of lighting fixtures, like lamps for example. The number 12 in T12 represents the diameter of the tube, 12/8″. Nowadays, narrower and more energy efficient tubes are replacing T12s. So, it is up to the individual home or business owner to decide how approach their T12 LED replacement.

Although T12 LED replacement can have a large up front cost, you will be able to reap savings in your energy needs for years to come.

The first viable option you have when it comes to T12 LED replacement is replacing all of your T12s with either T8s or T5s. While T12s were the cheapest option among the three in the past, there rarity has actually caused their price to rise as their supply dwindles. T8s are markedly cheaper than T5s, at $3.00 to $5.00 per tube per 4 foot lamp. T5 range in cost from $5.50 a tube all the way up to $12.00. When it comes to a typical homeowner’s lighting needs, the financial cost of choosing T5 over T8 isn’t worth it in terms of brightness or efficiency.

Another factor to keep in mind when tackling a T12 LED replacement project is what approach you will take in retrofitting your lighting system.

There are four main routes you can take in retrofitting your lighting system to make it more energy efficient. And the folks at Exact Electric can help you determine which route is the right fit for you!

1. Phillips InstantFit LED Tube

When the InstantFit LED tube hit store shelves in 2016, it was a complete game changer for energy efficient lighting. However, there are some caveats to keep in mind with this option. The tube only works if your T12 tube runs on a magnetic ballast and has non-shunted sockets. This option is popular because of both it’s low cost and maintenance.

2. New electronic ballast & electronic ballast-compatible linear LEDs

When you make this switch, again, both low cost and maintenance are two huge pros. However, in addition, the actual lifespan of your lighting system is greatly improved.

3. Remote Driver LEDS 

Although this option has a marginally higher cost up front, it is high in both energy efficiency and reliability.

4. New LED fixture

This is the perfect solution for a remodel situation! It also produce high monetary returns on your monthly light bill.

Still have questions or concerns about your T12 LED replacement project? Looking for a reliable, licensed, and professional electrician? Look no further than Exact Electric. Click here for more information!

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