"The work when completed looked fabulous and … passed inspection in less than five minutes.

“We hired Zach to run three new dedicated circuits from our existing panel at the back of the house to the garage for the purpose of running power tools. While I peppered him with questions about sub-panels and what our best options were, he calmly listened and answered all my queries while surveying the area he would be working in. He then asked me questions about our long term plans vs. our immediate needs and suggested an inexpensive course of action that will leave us very flexible for our future plans and more than meet the needs of our short term goals. He came out on a Friday and we had a quote for the work on the following Monday. After reviewing his prompt quote we hired him to install the circuits and run the wires. He arrived on time on the scheduled day, with all of the parts and equipment needed for the install, including the permit, and had the entire job done by 5:30.

The work when completed looked fabulous and on the following day passed inspection in less than five minutes. He installed five double gang boxes with two duplex 120V 20 amp outlet receptacles in each box and one 240V 30 amp outlet. We had him install each of the left hand duplex receptacles on one of the 120V circuits and all of the right hand duplex receptacles on the other 120V circuit. We wanted to surface mount all of the wiring runs, paintable PVC outside the house and EMT inside the garage to save on the cost of the installation. The wiring runs are straight and parallel or perpendicular to the floor, well secured and the outlets are in the perfect location for use in a garage shop. When finished the only evidence that he had been there was the work mounted on the walls. All of his tools and scrap materials were cleaned up and disposed of. The entire process was easy and painless and we have already recommended Zach to two of our neighbors for electrical work.”

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