What is the Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan?

The cost to install a ceiling fan will vary dramatically from project to project.

The cost to install a ceiling fan is around $575, but can cost as much as $3,000. You will pay substantially less for a small scale single fan installation than can be done by a handy man. However, complicated large scale projects will require the expertise of a licensed electrician. The good news is, any costs associated with the cost of ceiling fan installation can be offset by energy savings. Installing several ceiling fans of the right size and caliber can significantly decrease cooling costs. In addition, an ornate ceiling fan can become the focal point of any room. Now, let’s take a look at all the factors that make up the cost of ceiling fan installation.

Aside from labor, there are four main factors that will impact the cost to install a ceiling fan. First, is the measurement of the blades on your ceiling fan. Blade measurements range from 29” all the way up to 72”. The larger the blades on your ceiling fan, the more costly the fan will be to install. However, these larger fans are the perfect addition when it comes to cooling bigger rooms. A 72” ceiling fan can run you $950 just for the fan alone. The type of ceiling fan you need will also impact installation costs. Installing a standard fan is far cheaper (and easier) than installing a rotational or multi motor one.

The cost to install a ceiling fan is also impacted by the fan’s location and style.

Regardless of the type of fan or it’s blade measurements, outdoors fans will typically be more expensive to install. This is because outdoor fans have to be specially designed to weather the variable climate conditions that they will face year round. Therefore, these fans will also run more expensive than your average indoor fan. Most outdoor fans cost between $900 and $1,000. Finally, the style of your fan will impact how much installation costs. Fans come in two distinct style, ordinary and designer. As the names imply, ordinary fans are far cheaper to install compared to designer fans.

Electricity is also another cost factor to keep in mind when calculating the cost to install a ceiling fan. If you already have multiple fans, or are looking to install multiple fans, this is especially crucial. Depending on the current amplitude of your electrical circuit, you may have to consider upgrading your circuit. All electronically powered things in your home (appliances, computers, televisions, etc.) require a certain amount of amps from your electrical circuit. So, adding an addition fan or two has the potential to overload your circuit. An upgrade to your electrical circuit will cost around $2,000.

If you need help installing a ceiling fan, and live in the Seattle, Washington area, contact Exact Electric today! They have a team of qualified and customer oriented electricians ready to help you. Their expert electricians can handle any electrical project, from residential to commercial.

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