How to Hire an Electrician: What You Need to Know

For the majority of home improvement projects, hiring a licensed electrician is the smarter and safer bet.

If you’ve never hired an electrician before, it can be difficult to know where to begin. What type of projects can they undertake? How much do they charge? And, what exactly is the difference between a master electrician and a journeyman? All these questions, and more you haven’t even thought of will be answered below.

Electricians are qualified to install, replace, and update electrical fixtures and systems. One of the biggest misconceptions about electricians is that they handle any type of electrical issues. While your electrician will be able to diagnose and solve the vast majority of your problems, they are not licensed to work on any electrical appliances.

When it comes to the difference between a master electrician and a journeymen, the answer is simple: experience.

A master electrician has 7+ years of on the job knowledge and experience. In addition, many master electricians serve in a supervisory role over journeymen and apprentices. A journeymen is just a step below a master electrician when it comes to experience. Journeymen typically have 4-6 years of training and in the field experience.

Hiring the right electrician for your electrical needs is no small task! Do your research, and make sure that the electrician you choose reputable and a good fit for the job. First, prepare a list of questions to ask prospective electricians. You need to be sure that they can do the exact work you need done, and do it in an efficient and proper manner. Look into how much an electrical project like yours should cost, so you have a ballpark number to shoot for when budgeting for costs.

Contact and receive price estimates from a minimum of three licensed electricians.

This allows you the chance to compare and contrast your options, and ensure you are getting the best deal. Be wary, you get what you pay for when it comes to electrical work. So, don’t necessarily just go with the cheapest electrician you can find. While price is a big factor when it comes to home improvement projects, it shouldn’t be the only factor you take into consideration. Electricians typically charge a flat rate for travel expenses, so it is ideal to either hire an electrician locally or get travel estimates up front.

Bundling all of your electrical work into one big project could save you thousands in labor and travel expenses. So, don’t be in a rush to hire an electrician for every minor electrical issue. Instead, wait until you have a series of small fixes that need done, and get them all taken care of at once. Another electrical bundle to take into consideration is energy efficiency. If you’re already hiring an electrician for other purposes, consider having them take a look at way they can improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. While this may require a large sum of money up front, you will be able to reap financial savings for decades to come!

Lastly, here are the top five questions to ask electricians before you make the decision to hire them:

1. Do you have the appropriate license to do electrical work in this state?

2. How many hours of in the field job experience do you have?

3. Is your electrical training up to date?

4.   Is your work under warranty?

5. Do you have insurance?

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area and are looking for a licensed, professional electrician contact Exact Electric. No job is too big or too small for the experts at Exact Electric. From commercial to residential projects, we do it all. Click here to see some of our past projects.

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