Ways for Businesses to Save Energy

40% of a most businesses’ energy expenses come from lighting. That’s a lot of money being poured down the drain. Is there any way to cut down the cost of lighting?

Yes. In fact, there are many simple ways a business can reduce electricity usage.

And not just with lighting, many aspects of a business can be easily streamlined to save electricity. Which helps businesses save money, and also helps the environment. Here are just a few ways to reduce electricity usage:

Save Energy with Lighting

When trying to save money on lighting, one of the easiest ways is to use the right kind of lightbulb. Old school incandescent bulbs use a lot of electricity, and 90% of it ends up released as heat. Luckily, more efficient bulbs have largely replaced incandescent bulbs. LEDs, halogen incandescent bulbs, and compact fluorescent lamps (or CFLs) might be more expensive than other bulbs, but the energy they save more than makes up for it. Halogen bulbs are simply a more efficient version of the traditional incandescent bulb, and thus cheaper. While LEDs and CFLs are more efficient but come at a higher cost. LEDs and CFLs also have more customization options, like a wider variety of colors. Another way to save energy on lighting is to employ timers or occupancy sensors, which can automatically turn off lights when they’re not in use. As well as to use a dimmer to alter light levels throughout the day. Businesses should also account for the natural light they receive; there’s no sense in lighting a room when the sun is doing it for you. As well as making sure to turn off outdoor lights during the day.

Save Energy with Heating and Cooling

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning) systems is to make sure they’re getting maintained correctly. Replacing defective insulation, cleaning active surfaces, repairing leaks, and changing air filters every month can reduce the amount of wasted energy, as well as helping prevent future HVAC failure. And when parts of an HVAC system do fail, be sure to replace them with newer and more efficient components. You can also upgrade larger units with a variable speed drive, which helps reduce electricity usage. Also, consider the natural climate; if the air conditioning isn’t needed, there’s no reason to turn it on.

Save Energy with Temperature Control

One way to make temperature control more efficient is to make sure to raise the temperature while the business isn’t operational, as well as only employing temperature control on the areas of an occupied workspace. Companies can also install programmable thermostats that can automatically adjust the temperature based on the time, as well as locking devices to keep the thermostat on the appropriate temperature.

Save Energy with Office Equipment

Always make sure to turn off computers, printers, and other electronics during inactive hours, one way to do that is installing an automatic power management system for your equipment. Also, laptop computers are generally more energy efficient than desktops. In situations where individual workstations need multiple powered devices, consider using a plug load controller, which can help to manage power usage. When looking for new office equipment, make sure it’s ENERGY STAR approved, as they will generally be more energy efficient.

Employee Involvement in Energy

Businesses should also make sure to get their employees involved with energy saving measures. Properly educating employees about energy efficiency is crucial, as a vigilant staff can sometimes reduce the need for automatic systems to help with power-saving.

Ultimately, the secret to energy efficiency is a lot of small decisions that add up to a significant impact.

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