Retrofit LED Recessed Lights

So, what does it mean to retrofit LED recessed lights?

Well, let’s break it down. To retrofit something simply means to add a part or component that wasn’t originally there. While you may have never heard of retrofitting lights, it is a fairly common practice. Retrofitting any type of lighting system is the simplest way to improve energy efficiency. LED light bulbs are most energy efficient bulbs on the market today. Therefore, it only makes sense to retrofit LED recessed lights. This process is relatively easy with a little research and a retrofit kit.

In fact, when you retrofit LED recessed lights, all you’re really doing is switching out the bulbs. It’s a hassle free project, with several benefits. First, LED bulbs last far longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs, up to several decades per bulb. In addition, these newer and more environmentally friendly bulbs also require little upkeep. Second, you will have a cheaper electrical bill each month just by retrofitting your LED recessed lights. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice on light brightness or quality to reap these savings.

When you retrofit LED recessed lights, you’ll also save on your air conditioning costs.

Unlike their fluorescent counterparts, LED bulbs do not give off heat. This allows you to use your a/c less during the warmer summer months. Moreover, there is a unique LED bulb out there for every taste and lighting preference. LED bulbs come in an enormous range of colors. This enables you to be in full control of the ambiance of each room in your home.

When making the decision to retrofit LED recessed lights, it can be difficult to determine exactly what type of bulb you need. There are countless different models out there to choose from. Here are four key factors to consider when making your LED recessed lighting choices:

  1. The size of any pre-existing lights and lighting structures.
  2. Which room in your home you are retrofitting and how high your lights will be. There are special water resistant retrofit options available.
  3. Your taste in trim. This depends on your own personal style and what you’re looking to get out of your lighting. Some popular trims are: baffle, adjustable, and reflector.
  4. Technical factors and light output. This includes things such as the watts to lumens conversion and how “cool” you want your lighting to be. The coolest light out there is white, and the hottest is yellow.

Are you looking to vastly improve the overall energy efficiency of your home? Do you have a large scale electrical project on your To-Do list? If you live in the Seattle, Washington area, you’re in luck! The expert electricians at Exact Electric can handle all of your electrical needs, from the simple to the complex. Click here for more information.

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